10 Treatment for Knee Pain – result guaranteed! By Dr. Liu -award winning professional author and acupuncturist Regular charge $150- initial assessment and treatment, and $91 for the following sessions, total cost of 969. Now you can get 10 prepaid treatment sessions for only $ 450 – best discounted price. […]

Knee Pain -Acupuncture -more than 50% discount

Introduction: Registered TCM Acupuncturist,  Ms. Liu specializes in TCM diagnosis, moxibustion, pediatric acupressure/tuina, acupuncture and balancing herbal tea. Although she deals with various health problems, she focuses more on Gynecological ( infertility, painful period, breast issues, cosmetic, etc) , and Pediatric (catching cold, influenza, digestive problem -stomachache, diarrhea, constipation, respiratory issues […]

Xiuhong Liu- R.AC (Acupuncture insurance accepted)