Although this is defined as one of the incurable problems by world health organization, by our holistic medicinal theory, it’s possible, at least greatly improve the condition. 

Memory loss, Weird behavior- Are you down the same road to Dementia or Alzheimer?

Either due to too much harmful medicine intake, or insufficient vital qi,  there are normally both blockage as well as insufficent clear qi supply.   There is a saying, “Running water does not rot.”  Once blockage in the brain area is removed and fresher qi and blood could supply to your brain area,  dementia will be gradually alleviated. Although this is reflexted on brain function, this is not just brain issue. Kidney, Liver, Spleen or even the whole organ systems will be involved. In addition to brain function, patients will definitely have other health symptons or conditions. Only focusing on brain will never able to cure this problem.

In our clinic, our holistic practitioner will do a full systematic diagnosis and assessent and provide you a comprehensive treatment plan, which might include acupuncture, moxibustion,  herbal tea, advice on diet or habit change, special exercises, etc.   

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