COVID-19 public health measures and advice

COVID-19 public health measures and advice

If you suffer from COVID 19 symptoms,  please make sure you don’t come to the office.  You can text 647-680-9078 to get remote support.

It’s important to maintain our clinic safe for our clients.  Please read and abide by the following: 


1. If you suffer from any flu kinds of COVID 19 symptoms such as fever,  respiratory symptoms such as coughing, etc, you should cancel your visit.

2. All visitors are encouraged to wear mask and perform hand hygiene before entering the premises; keep vigilant and maintain good personal hygiene.

3. Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose.

4. Face mask is not recommended for children under the age of 2 years without supervision.

5. Keep hands clean at all times. Perform hand hygiene frequently, especially before touching your mouth, nose or eyes; before eating; after using the toilet; after touching public installations such as handrails or door knobs; or when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretions after coughing orsneezing.

6. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Do not spit or litter. Use tissue paper to hold your spit. Dispose of the soiled tissues into a lidded rubbish bin, and then wash hands thoroughly.

7. Wash hands with liquid soap and water, and rub for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse with water and dry with a disposable paper towel. When the hands are cleaned, do not touch the water tap directly again (for example, using a paper towel to wrap the faucet before turn it off).

8. If hand washing facilities are not available, or when hands are not visibly soiled, performing hand hygiene with 70 to 80% alcohol-based handrub is an effective alternative.

9. After using the toilet, put the toilet lid down before flushing to avoid spreading germs.

10. When having respiratory symptoms, wear a surgical mask, refrain from work or attending class at school, avoid going to crowded places and seek medical advice promptly.

11. Avoid going to crowded places with poor ventilation if you are feeling unwell.