Family Membership

Joining Our Family Membership and Save Big!

Cars need regular maintenance to keep its optimal operation. So do human beings. Most times we tend to neglect our body signals such as pain, discomfort, and other seemingly small health issues.  If we let such problems linger too long, they could cause more serious health issues which could affect your work or normal life.  We designed such family membership, hoping to inspire and encourage you to take early actions to treat any health issues, to get some necessary health products to maintain your overall wellness.  So you can be in optimal status to work more effectively and enjoy life better.

You are always welcome to book individual services as needed and pay each time.  You can also take advantage of our promotional family membership.

Currently we offer two types of promotional family membership card.

Gold Membership – click here for details of benefit and requirement

Siver Membership – Click here for details of benefit and requirement