Mr. Wu, our licensed TCM Acupuncturist, has 25+ years experience in hemiplegia / after stroke recovery.   He is simply one of the best in this field and one rare-to -find stroke recovery expert in greater Toronto area.

This will be a comprehensive recovery treatment, including traditional Chinese medicinal diagnosis, acupuncture and/or tuina,  coupled with western rehabilitaion and sports medicinal assessment and treatment.

He is available for clinic treatment at regular treatment price – pls. book appointment through online form or call 416-800-7417

He is also availble for limited home visit services, with details below:

Price:   $160/hour,  minimum booking of 1.5 hour per visit – this is to be prepaid by cash, etransfer, debit, cheque to the clinic

Bookings can be set up initially by clinic and can be then booked by the practitioner directly.

Any payment and invoice arrangement pls. go through the office.


We offer you a free 15- minute free consultation with him .   Please click here to sign.