Insomnia could be very detrimental.  Long term insomnia could easily lead to some other serious health problems. 

A good night of quality sleep is way more important than any balanced and nutritional food intake. 


There are several triggering factors that are related with insomnia.  Emotion, food intake, habit, season change or pain could all cause insomnia. 


From holistic medicinal point of view, there are several reasons.  Some people have hard time falling into sleep.  Some easily wake up and hard to go back to sleep.  Some have a lot of dreams and have poor sleep quality.  These symptoms imply different root causes .  Only with proper diagosis can you get the right treatment.  


If you suffer from any type of insomnia, don’t rely on the pills to suppress your nerve system or replace your own body hormone secretion (your own system will stop functioning if left unused for long time).  If you don’t get this treated from root cause, you will find bigger issues down the road.  

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