Our Mission

Partnering with a great team of healthcare professionals and wellness management in the Greater Toronto Area, the mission of GTA Pain Rehab Centre is to help people reduce or eliminate pain, to help our clients achieve optimal wellness and to educate and equip our community with the right health information and products.

While striving to ease various acute or chronic pain, and rehabilitate injuries from car accidents for members of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) community, GTA Pain Rehab Centre also emphasizes the overall wellness of our clients through our Chinese medicine diagnosis, holistic treatment, diet suggestion, exercise recommendation and more.

Instead of having a large centralized facility, we have partners spread across all the GTA areas and beyond in order to serve our clients more conveniently. In addition to a group of dedicated team of doctors and health care professionals, we also have mental relaxation programs and a variety of wellness products to serve our clients better.

Nothing is more important than a pain free and healthy life. You don’t need to suffer for another day.

So contact us today to book your appointment 416-800-7417