Pediatric Acupressure

We are one of the rare-to-find clinics that offer holistic TCM diagnosis and pediatric acupressure.  It’s very natural, safe and effective.  All kids simply love it. 


Pediatric Acupressure ?

Pediatric acupressure, sometimes also called pediatric tuina massage, is part of acupuncture practice scope.  It is based on Chinese medicinal theories of yin and yang, five elements, and viscera and meridians.  It uses various hand manipulation method to stimulate acupoints to unblock the meridians and promote qi and blood circulation.

What Ages of Children Are Suitable for Pediatric Acupressure?

Pediatric acupressure (pediatric tuina massage) is suitable for all ages of children.

For very young children (under 3 years old), a special pediatric acupressure will be applied.  Some particuar methods such as gentle hand holding, lifting, pinching, kneading, etc will be used.  It’s a very natural and safe method to help the young children to adjust the physiological and pathological changes through the strength and skills of hands to achieve the purpose of treatment.

For children above 3 years old, some combination techniques will be used.  Depending on actual ages and situation, some regular acupressure method with possible cupping etc might be used.  

In a lot of cases, moxibustion might also be used in combination of pediatric acupressure. 


What Kinds of Problems Can be Treated by Pediatric Acupressure?

Pediatric acupressure is a type of therapeutic tuina massage treat various health problems of all age children. Some typical problems treated include but not limited to the following:

Respiratory system: fever, cold cough, flu, asthma, nose congestion, pneumonia , rhinitis, sinusitis,  chronic bronchitis, sore throat , allergy etc

Digestive system: vomiting, anorexia, stomachache, diarrhea, constipation,thrush, molars, mouth smell, snoring,  obesity, appendicitis, bowel movement function disorder, diabetes, anemia, etc

Head and Face:  ear issue (pain,infection, hearing), eye issue (dry, itchy, pain, red and swelling, eyesight), mouth sores, nose congestion, facial stiffness/facial paralysis, facial convulsion, headache, migraine, neck issue etc.

Urinary system: lower back pain, urination disorder, bed wetting or uncontrollable urination / enuresis, urine tract infection, enuresis,

Circulatory system:  chest tightness or fullness,  cold limbs (feet and /or hand), irregular heart beat/Arrhythmia, fast heart beat/or too slow heart beat

Skin issue:  eczema,  urticaria, skin infection

Sports or Car Accident Injury:  any pain, bruise, poor circulation, concussion, etc

Others (including emotional): autism, ADHD, grow taller, better thinking, boost immune system (good for general immune problem or special treatment such as cancer issue).  An known health problems. 

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