Silver Family Membership

Currently we offer two types of promotional family membership card.

For Gold Family Membership – Click here for details of benefit and requirement

Requirement for Siver Family Membership

GTA Pain Rehab Centre
  1. Option 1: You simply pay membership fee of $1,000 to show your interest and commitment with our service and products.  You will get $100 cash back rebate right away. You will have $1,000 in your account to be used within 2 years for any of our partner service (including home visit, virtual care) or products at regular price. A family membership card will be issued to you with your unique membership ID, your family member names and dates of birth.
  2. Option 2: Instead of a lum-sum membership fee payment ofr $1,000, you can authorize for a monthly payment of $200 per month for 5 consecutive months. Your monthly service costs should not exceed $200. The $100 will be rebated to you by month 6.

How to Use Your Family Membership:

  1. If you or your family members have any health issue and your doctor recommends you to try any particular treatment, all you need to do is to check our website for our participating partners (with their location, work hours, expertise, etc) and book through our online forms– or call us for Virtual Care or Home Visit.
  2. Our client service staff will then confirm the booking with the practioner and confirm with you.
  3. The treatment fee will be automatically deducted.  The receipt will be signed and issued by the participating practitioner right after you finish the treatment.
  4. Gratuity and tips are not necessary.  But if you wish, please give to the practitioner directly.
  5. If you need any health products, you can check our website for the product list or our partnering stores, such as to find the products your are interested in and then order and pay through us.   The cost can be directly deducted from membership.

What’s the Benefits of Joining Our Family Membership:

1. By joining our family membership, you become our loyal customers.  Our head office is willing to offer you 10% loyalty cash rebate right away, while you can enjoy the same regular services.

2. As the name indicates, this is family based membership. All your family members can use it at any time.

3. You and your family members can use the membership card to order any health and wellness products carried in our partnering locations or from our affiliated health stores such as:

(Basically it’s an immediate 10% discount – not to be combined with any other product promotion)

5. You and your family members can join our regular wellness seminars for free or at a much reduced price for members.  (regular charge each time of $25 in average)

6. You and your family members can choose to do any type of treatment or service with any of our partnering practitioners and locations based on your health situation or your doctor’s recommendation, either for particular problem such as pain or for overall wellness maintenance.  But receipt designation will be for whatever type of treatment that actually happens.

7. One central booking system for every client with different practitioners and locations.

8. Each of our participating partners may charge differently.  You can flexibly choose the practitioner at your wish, based on your convenience and your doctors’ recommendation.

Other Conditions of Family Membership: 

  1. Each Family Membership is valid only for 2 full year.   For example, if you join on March 20, 2020,  your membership will expire on March 19, 2022.  All the benefits will expire by March 19, 2022.
  2. The membership fee is generally not refundable. If there is special reasons, pls. contact our head office to discuss.
  3. Family Membership benefits cannot be combined with another promotion.  For example, if there is a special massage service promotion at a lower price and you are eligible,  you can pay for the promotion and try the service.  But the payment for that promotion is not counted towards the regular service.
  4. Please note that family membership is not applicable for MVA clients.
  5. Our family membership belongs to our special promotion program which might change at any time.