Nowadays people tend to have a lot of stress and pressure, either from work or life.  Depression

Fast-paced life, heavy work pressure, staying up late, over eating fat and greasy food, unsatisfactory emotions, long-term lack of energy in the lower Jiao- all these cause poor qi flow and lead to the imbalance or reverse of yin and yang qi.    Depression and mental stress is so common now. 

Although depression shows as mental distress, it is actually related with habit and physical discomfort.  

In our clinic, we not only do the treatment but also provide the clients  with health information so they know what kind of habit or diet could cause depession and how to prevent it. 

Based on the initial assessment and diagnosis,   our practitioners might use moxibustion, acupuncture, acupressure,  herbal tea, or tuina massage to help you.   

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