Weight Management

Different from most products or services for weight management on the market, we emphasize healthy way to loose weight.

From holistic point of view, there are two main reasons for excessive weight gain.

One is due to water retention. Under this category, either too much intake of water or water products or your spleen system is not strong enough- the way to transform water to qi function gets low. This type of weight loss is comparatively easier.

The other is due to turbidity accumulation. Most clients fall under this category. Like sputum when you cough out, there is invisible sputum type of unneeded matter accumulating inside of the body. When it accumulates in different organs or parts of the body, it is called a different name. For example, when it accumulates in your brain area, it is called cerebral thrombosis. When it accumulates in heart area, it is called coronary arteriosclerosis. When it accumulates at your abdomen area, it is mostly described as fat. When your metabolism gets slower, the intake is relatively bigger than output. Day by day, there will be accumulation. This type of weight loss normally takes a bit longer time.

At our clinic, we will do a holistic diagnosis and provide you the whole weight management plan, including acupuncture/moxibustion, special weight loss hand tuina manipulation, possible diet suggestion, exercise suggestion and other habitual advices. We simply rebuild your overall wellness while helping you shed away the weight.

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