Xiuhong Liu- R.AC (Acupuncture insurance accepted)

Introduction: Registered TCM Acupuncturist,  Ms. Liu specializes in TCM diagnosis, moxibustion, pediatric acupressure/tuina, acupuncture and balancing herbal tea. Although she deals with various health problems, she focuses more on Gynecological ( infertility, painful period, breast issues, cosmetic, etc) , and Pediatric (catching cold, influenza, digestive problem -stomachache, diarrhea, constipation, respiratory issues -nose congestion, coughing, asthma, allergic, skin issue -urtica, eczema, other systematic issues such as migraine, autistic, ADHD, kidney issue, also teenager issues such as mental health, depression, mania, acne, etc,  TCM weight loss and TCM beauty. If your doctors told you a serious health issue with no solution including any type of cancer, you can consult Ms. Liu.

Working hours and locations:

Tuesday:  9am- 7pm    5050 Dufferin St. Unit 104, Toronto – will resume from Jun 1, 2021

Monday, Wednesday -Saturday   9am-7pm   41 Stacey Crescent, Thornhill, ON, L3T 6Z7

In clinic price:

Initial diagnosis only: $50

Initial diagnosis with one hour treatment: $140

Reguar charge $90/hour for acupuncture (from Jun1, 2021)

Moxibustion with possible needle or cupping or Guasha or acupressure (1.5h) $130 (from Jun1, 2021)

Regular therapeutical acupressure with heating (combined original point with TCM meridian methodologies), $90 for 45 min.

Pediatric acupressure: $65 for 30 min

(Insurance accepted under acupuncture.)

Online vitual care Price

Ms Liu also offers global virtual care. By answering relative health/symptom questions and send your tongue picture (will send instruction on how to take tongue picture and fill in forms), she will guide you how to do self healing at home by acupuressure point, moxibustion method, herbal tea suggestion, diet advice, emotional management, etc.

  1. Balancing herbal tea (based on space science Little Formula theory combines with TCM theory) prescription only – disanosis based on questionaire and tongue picture : $30 CAD only /or 150 RMB (herbal tea bags if needed, pay extra $35 CAD) – or you can buy herbs from any herbal store at your will

2. Online one-one consultation: $65 CAD for 20 min with necessary solutions provided such as moxibustion, herbal tea advice, diet, etc. (Any tea bag or moxa products are at extra cost if needed)