About US

Welcome to GTA Pain Rehab Center

Your health matters to us!

At GTA Pain Rehab Centre, we aim not only to provide you the treatment for short term pain or symptom relief, but also to help you build up long term wellness.

In addition to clinic treatment, we will also provide you a lot of practical health resources and information for your overall health benefit. We hope all these resources could help inspire and encourage you to take early actions to maintain your overall wellness. So you can be in optimal status to work more effectively and enjoy life better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible to regain their self-esteem, happiness,  confidence and life quality!

What Makes Us Different from Others?

We are very holistic and Traditional Chinese Medicine centered!  Gynecological and pediatric are two of our special fields.  We are one of the rare clinic that offer both smoke and smokeless moxibustion.

In addition to quick pain relief ,  we focus on holistic TCM diagnosis and treatment.   We believe that only with correct diagnosis can you get the right treatment. We use some of the very traditional Chinese medicinal ways of treatment techniques such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, meridian tuina, herbal medicine, herbal tea or external herbal application.

Besides our centric Chinese medicine practice,  we also have very professional and experienced massage therapists to help manage your wellness. Whether you want a full relaxation massage to reduce your life stress and pressure ,or you cater for an effective deep tissue massage to relieve your pain or other health issues, our top notch massage therapist can definitely help.

All in all, either acute or chronic pain,  either physical or mental challenges, either local issue or systematic problems, we have the right experts and services for you at GTA Pain Rehab Centre. 

To book your appointment, simply call 416-800-7417 or email us