Global Care

Global Customized Holistic Herbal Solution Program

We now provide global care through our Customized Holistic Chinese Herbal Tea Solution to help clients all around the world to achieve optimal health. This special therapeutic TAi Chi Formula Tea series is based on the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory as well as the Western medicine cell function biology. It aims to promote your overall energy blow back to its normal Yin Yang status , as a result , various pathological problems will then be adjusted or eliminated. It is proven to be the best holistic treatment method for various kinds of health issues, from cold, pain, to cancer. We have a team of herbal tea experts who are particularly trained on holistic diagnosis and prescription.

How it works:

Step 1: Provide your official name (first name and last name) and valid email to one of our global sales team member, who will explain how it works and what is to be expected.

Step 2: Pay here. -Once you decided to try our customized holistic herbal tea solution service, pls. make sure you only pay us through the following ways:

  1. E-transfer: only Canadian Dollars. Name: GTA Pain Rehab Centre Email:
  2. Contact our office email: , asking the office to send you the paypal payment link.

Please note none of our sales team members are allowed to accept the payment on behalf of our company. Please pay our company official payment directly.

Step 3: After you have paid, you can send the tongue picture and health/symptoms questionnaire as directed and send to the same sales person. He/she will then connect with one of our herbal specialist who will do holistic wellness analysis and provide the customized holistic wellness tea prescription list (normally a list of 5-9 herbs that you can easily find in local Chinese herbal stores. For 10 days supply, the herbal solution normally costs around 2-5 dollars. The solution prescription will be in both Chinses character as well as in Pin Yin.

Step 4: Once you get the prescription with all the combined herbal list, you can take a picture and take it to any of the local Chinese herbal store and get the herbs. Very small quantity of herbs and very easy to prepare. The detailed instruction will be sent to you through emails together with your prescription.

It’s just that simple.

Step 4 B: Alternatively, if you choose to, you can ask us to prepare 20-day customized wellness tea for you with extra 40 CAD dollars only. But you will have to pay for the estimated shipping fee depending on your country location.

Step 5: It’s strongly advised to try the customized holistic wellness tea prescription for at least one adjustment cycle of 3months for your ultimate wellness. If you have cancer , tumor or other long term chronic issues, the suggested period will be at least one year. And it’s advised that the tea solution be revisited or changed after every 20-30 days. Similar as when you see a TCM practitioner in person in a clinic, you will submit your progress or change of symptoms and new tongue picture, a new prescription will be sent to you. You can choose to pay each time or subscribe for 3 month at much discounted prices.

Cost structure summary:

  1. Initial one time holistic herbal tea prescription (no tea supply): Only $50
  2. Initial one time holistic herbal prescription – with 20 days of customized herbal tea : only $90 (shipping fee is not included. it will be estimated based on your actual location and prepaid)
  3. 3 month of herbal prescription service (6 times of revisit): only $ $250 (discounted)
  4. 3 month of herbal prescription with customized herbal tea bag supply: only $ 480 (discounted)

Pls. note 13% HST will be applied if you reside in Ontario.

Instructions on how to take tongue picture and questionaire sheet will be sent to you after you paid.